Cheptais Boys High School

School History

Cheptais is found in Bungoma County,Cheptais sub county,It is about 2KM from Cheptais market and about 10 KM away from Kenya Uganda Boarders.

The school was started way back in 1965 as a Harambee school.It was registered as a government school in 1979 as a two streamed school.The school was promoted to status of a centre of execellence in 2010.The school is currently a three streamed school with a student population of about 600.The school is performing well in 8.4.4 system of education and has produced so many proffessionals like lawyers,engineers,doctors and politicians.

The school has been headed by a number of Principals like the retired County Director Of Education Mr. John Kingo,the current staffing officer Hamisi,Mr John shikuku among others.

The current Principal is Mr Jacob M. Psero

The school participates in a number of co-curricular activities like games,sports,music,drama up to national level.

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